Want to help? The easiest way to help Disabled Explorers is with our “Buy a Mile” program.

Every year, we drive tens of thousands of miles. We take disabled folks out into the backcountry to show them what is possible. We give talks and demonstrations. We visit schoolkids. We show off our vehicles and equipment to inspire and educate people about the possibilites for adventure travel for everyone.

And that costs money.

We figure it costs a dollar a mile.

So if you would like to help, just buy a mile. Or a hundred. Or whatever you would like to donate to help us keep moving forward.

And its super easy to buy your miles. Just use click on the button below to get started.

If you would rather mail a check, just send it to:
Disabled Explorers
2303 North 44th Street
Suite 14-1160
Phoenix, Arizona

Thanks for your help.