Ever since our ancestors discovered how to make a campfire, people have wanted to illuminate the darkness and make camp life easier. Of course as the centuries have passed our choices in light sources have gotten cooler, as a matter of fact literally cooler with the ARB LED Adventure Light.

The guys at TRDparts4u.com heard about the need for a better camp light for the disabled community and sent us this light for review. Abled or disabled alike, everyone loves a good camp light but those with mobility issues have some unique concerns.

-Concern over getting burnt by a hot lantern.

-Ease of handling when you might need to set the light in your lap, under an arm or over your shoulder while using a cane, crutch or wheelchair.

-Not having to worry about refueling a liquid fuel lantern or screwing on mini-propane bottles for those with upper limb issues.

I have always recommended a quality headlamp for tasks but there are times when you want general lighting for cooking or to draw the bugs away from where you are sitting.

Now for a closer look at the ARB LED Adventure Light and how well it gets the job done. First thing you notice is how well built & solid it is. The carry case is a nice canvas material that will last years while protecting the light from damage. The light itself has a nice heft to it with thick clear plastic covering the LEDs. I was also very impressed with the heavy duty switch that would be easy to handle even for those without great fine finger movements, and the cord is just thick enough not to get caught in groves or hang up on edges. There is also a velcro strap to the cord doesn’t become a tangled mess when packed. There is even a adapter to you can connect directly to the battery.

As you can see in the above pictures the cord has plenty of length for moving around the vehicle, into a ground or roof top tent, into a potty tent, or hanging off your antenna to attract bugs up & away from your cooking area. The LED’s are nice since you don’t have to worry as much about a busted bulb if you drop or shake the light.

As you can see the light output is great. It is a bright clear white light with a wide spread so you can hang it and move around the area. And speaking of hanging, ARB puts a hook on the end & along the side so you have plenty of choices in how to get best placement. The only thing I might try is finding a sheet of yellow transparent film/plastic to turn keep the bug attraction down.

The above picture shows my favorite thing about a light like this one, I can use it in my tent, in my vehicle or anywhere else since there is no fume concern or heat to worry about. And since it plugs right into the 12vdc system of my rig I know I will always have plenty of light around camp.

So are there any downsides to a light like this one? Of course you are limited by the cord as to how far from the vehicle you can go and since it is connected to your vehicle battery you wouldn’t want to leave it on for days. And I would still recommend having a quality headlamp for up close task work or for when you don’t want to light up a large area. Otherwise this is a great camp light that is well built and should provide years of service.

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