Welcome to Disabled Explorers

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for the disabled through independent 4wd backcountry travel. We are disabled ourselves and we are here to help with advice and inspiration.

Disabled Explorers primed for a take over

For those who don’t know me, I am Lance, a left below the knee amputee for 22 years and founder of Disabled Explorers Foundation. And I am looking for a core group of people to take over the non-profit.

Due to family, money and life concerns, I need to step away and refocus. We have a family plan to move to Australia in mid 2012 where I will take a 1 year contract as an ICU RN. If we love it we will stay longer, if not then it was a great working vacation. In order to make this happen I need time to help others take over DE, get out from under the debt I incurred starting the non-profit and make sure all the ducks are in a row.

While it may seem that DE is a one man show it really has only been possible with the help of my family, an incredible bunch of volunteers and donations from the public and sponsorships from various companies.

I am looking for a mix of disabled and able bodied persons who want to continue the mission of helping persons with physical disabilities discover remote backcountry 4wd travel.

This work entails some of the following:

Maintain the website so folks can learn from it.

Answer emails/phone calls with questions about specific challenges (sleep setups, bathroom/hygiene, transfers and such)

Take folks out on day trips

Attend events to promote DE, help our sponsors, and meet new participants & volunteers

Fund raise, yep money is the oil that lubes the machine, currently is cost me $1500 a month to run DE, donations cover about 30% of that.

If the new folks in charge want to take things in a new direction or want to add or take away from the list above, that will be up to them. I will be around to mentor and advise, they will be in charge.

If you are local to Phoenix and would like to meet in person, we can do that, if you are from another area and think DE would be perfect for you then prove it by looking into what is involved in relocating a 501c3 to another state.

My plan is to keep searching through the end of April, if there have not been enough candidates found by then (it will take a group to do this), well I will shut down operations and allow the other great non-profits, clubs and individuals take up the slack.

As to the Sportsmobile WAVE, currently I hold the loan on it and make the monthly payments out of my overtime pay. My plan is sell the WAVE unless a better plan presents itself.

If you would like to learn more please contact me by email, [email protected]